How Not To Get Breached

A practical guide covering: Two Factor Authentication, Multi-Factor Authentication, Beyond MFA, Continuous Behavioral Authentication and Preventing fraud at inception.

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We believe all your credentials have already been stolen and Continuous Behavioral MFA is a necessary security measure for every organization regardless of size.  Our mission is to deliver unrivaled frictionless cybersecurity solutions and peace of mind. 

Why should you read this guide?

IT managers, security officers, and line of business managers will gain key insights into identity authentication solutions. Whatever solution that you choose needs to meet not only today’s requirements but the ever changing threat actors. This guide will cover the different Multi Factor Authentication solutions for applications highlighting the strengths and weaknesses as well as the future and way forward for next generation authentication. 

Table of Contents

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Traditional two-factor authentication (2FA) consists of binary username and password and one additional validation layer for securing  your logins. However, 2FA still leaves you with room for hackers to bypass these measures and access your credentials.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an extra layer of security used when logging into websites or apps in which individuals identity is authenticated through more than one required security and validation procedure that only they know or have. 

In addition to a username, two or more independent pieces of information are presented to protect against phishing attacks.

   It could be:

  1. Something that you know (e.g. password, PIN, pattern).
  2. Personal possession only you have (e.g. smart card, mobile phone).
  3. Biometric data inherent to you (e.g. fingerprint, face or voice).
  4. Some unique, contextual data associated with you (e.g. location, known device token).

With MFA, no one can access the secured data without verifying at least three separate factors

How Multi-Factor Authentication Works

Multi-Factor Authentication adds an extra security layer to authorize your online transactions in real-time by sending a push notification or verification code (via SMS, TOTP, email and Voice) to your registered device. Our unique TOTP option, offers you the ability to authenticate your device even when it’s offline. The It'sMe MFA application facilitates each login and/or transaction being analyzed by our state-of-the-art risk-based Cognitive Continuous Authentication™ platform.




Importance of smarter Multi-Factor Authentication methods

Ensuring proper access to your workplace documents and apps by employees, partners and even customers is mission critical to both business productivity as well as corporate security. Continuous Behavioral Authentication, whether remote or onsite and more importantly even post authorization are key to continuous secure coverage and unbreakable authorization. 

Why Multi-Factor Authentication Is Not Enough

Data breaches have skyrocketed this year and post an enormous threat to business operations.  Reports indicate breaches of over 12 million records exposed.  These attacks are costly to correct and can be detrimental to your business.  These cyberattacks impact all organization in all verticals and it's mission critical that every organization large or small has a solid, secure, compliant identity authentication solution in place.

Investing in a continuous authentication technique is the way forward. Companies and end-users that are relying solely on binary authentication tactics such as two-factor authentication (2FA) or (MFA) need to understand that these solutions are static and stored somewhere, waiting to be compromised time and time again.

Beyond MFA: Continuous Behavioral Authentication solution

Acceptto's It'sMe Continuous MFA Solution

Continuous behavioral authentication service allows your organization to implement extra layer of identity authentication that's compliant and even post authorization. 


  • 2FA authentication is not enough. Protect your data and identity from breach even post authorization
  • Detect anomalies and threat actors in real-time with proprietary risk engine
  • Future proof your cybersecurity authentication in your organization with passwordless authentication that's unbreakable.
  • Eliminate preventable harm and detect fraud at inception.



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